Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Just Got Some Hay Bales!

Farmville is one of those things I just don't get, like binge drinking and the Irish.  I have friends who play it (obsess over it is more like it), but I've never tried it and have no real desire to do so.  It's not because I think it looks ridiculous (I do), but because I'm afraid it may become one of those new addictions that I run into from time to time.  Soon, instead of writing and trying to get crap done around the house, I'll be planting pumpkins and trying to get acquire donkeys.

About the most gaming I'm doing these days is Lego Batman with my daughter and designing a Little Big Planet for her.  I can't see spending an hour or so a day sowing rows of corn and loading wagons (or whatever the hell it is you do).  It has been said, though, despite my dislike of it, social gaming is to be something gaming companies are going to be paying far more attention to, though the way to make money off it is still a bit cloudy.

Maybe someday I'll engage in some wars with Mafia or vampire types.  Until then, though, I'm staying off the fucking farm.  


  1. 1. you can create something pretty in a f**king ugly world.
    2. it requires little to no brain power whatsoever.
    3. i have connected with people at work who i would have not otherwise connected with. (so far, this has not been something i regret).
    4. it's like any other game one might become addicted to. there's really nothing to get. they're all ridiculous and time consuming. and i love every last minute of it. it calms me down, takes me away from the thinking about stupid crap that happens at work. i've fallen asleep with the mouse in my hand...tending someone else's farm. soooooo, i can smoke dope, get drunk, or farm. i choose to farm.

  2. ... unless you have a dope/moonshine farm! That would rule.