Saturday, November 13, 2010

God of War The Hydra Battle Demo Disc Up on eBay

Rarely do I put games up for sale, but I'm selling this one. Click here to bid on it on eBay.

This is a must-have for GOW fans, as it has directory commentary and a making of video.  I wouldn't be selling it, but I need money for a computer, turntable and car repairs.  My misery is your gain.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Attacks Continue ...

With the recent elections ancient history (of two days ago), there is one thing that should alert the die-hard gamers amongst you. 

Nothing has changed.

Video games are still threatened much in the same way comic books and music have been in the past.  Democrats and Republicans alike are not your friends on this subject.  The games are something they don't understand, and since they think that only kids play them and kids don't vote that makes the gaming industry an easy target.

The only thing on our side is that the politicos have so much on their plate right now that going after video games makes it seem like they aren't dealing with important issues like the economy, war and all those wonderful things that come with them.  That's our safety net right now.  2012 may be different.

Voting for or against a candidate based solely on whether or not he or she wants to ban "violent" video games is a bad idea.  Using it as a barometer on how the candidate feels about freedoms and the sacred free market is perfectly acceptable, however, as those who want to ban one thing usually want to ban multiple things.

Keep your eyes on the candidates, and don't let them dictate your entertainment choices ... or any other choices for that matter.