Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ultimate Disappointment 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the PS2 has turned out to be a large disappointment so far. Granted, I'm not finished with the game yet, and it could turn out to be the best game ever fucking invented, but I somehow doubt it. It took everything that was great in the first game and kind of tossed it out the window.

Besides the game getting rid of multiple alternative costumes for characters (which then granted bonuses), it also has this overwhelming feeling of not being quite finished. I don't know what it is, but the load screens (which pop up way too often) are stylized, but lazy. The bonus medals seem trite and useless, and that glitch in the NYC level where you have to rescue three people and are then stuck is what really sealed the not-quite-done feel for this one. Even the instruction manual leaves a lot to desired.

I don't know how to unlock alternate costumes. I don't know if I get special team bonuses like in the first one, and I don't even know how to unlock extra bonus missions. I'm not finding hidden CDs like in the first game, or action figures. In fact, the more I play it the more I get the feeling that the developers actually forgot they were doing these things.

I understand the PS2 can't handle what the PS3 can. I understand the games have to be different. What I don't understand is the concept of taking out the things that made the first game great and replacing them with crap. That's not a system issue. That's a developer issue.

At this point, I won't be buying any future sequels (though I want to read reviews of the PSP verison -- which I'm not even sure came out -- in case that game is better) to this franchise until they hit the magic $20 mark. I don't want to feel ripped off again. Luckily, I used some money I made writing to get this game, so it's not like it took food off my table, but still. It's starting to be a burden to play, and that is the worst thing you can say about a video game.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nintendo Loves Satan

You probably think the screenshot looks familiar. Kind of like Pac Man. You know, go through the maze, gobble shit, avoid ghosts, gobble ghosts. This isn't that game. This is Devil World, and it never made it to America.

Nintendo's game involves you being a cross and Bible bearing dragon that eats dots while avoiding the devil's minions, who also do things like move the maze around in an effort to kill your scaly ass. I haven't played the game, but I have read about it in various places. Quite honestly, it looks slightly interesting, and I kind of wonder why it wasn't released here. I imagine it has to do with the religious aspect of the game, but so what? Other games had that, and this game looks like it could have been a solid seller.

Perhaps Nintendo thought that the game's name was too evil. No matter. It could have easily changed it to something to do with the dragon. Maybe Dragon Maze Eater or some such nonsense. Either way, the game was never officially released here in the States.

I imagine you can find this game through the usual sources and play it on an emulator. If anyone has, I'd love to hear about it. And Nintendo, maybe you should consider releasing it in some form or another. There would probably be a small market for this puppy if only for the curiousity factor.

Unless, of course, this was all some Satanic plot to keep Americans in the dark so the Wii could take over decades later. If that's the case, well, it worked.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football Manager 2010 Available for Pre-Order

That's right! It is now available to pre-order, so all you football fans who can't wait, click here to get your hands on it. This won't be readily available here in the good ol' US of A, but Play Asia has it.

Arsenal, bitches!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Deals At Target

Target will often have great deals on video games for all systems. All you have to do is find that special sales rack. I won't reveal where that spot is in Eureka, California's Target, but I'm guessing a few of you already know.

Not too long ago I scored NASCAR 09, a flawed game from my initial play of it, for the low price of $5.48 new. Yeah. You read that right. I got it because I love NASCAR games. I was torn by the decision by Jeff Gordon's mug on the cover. I couldn't beat the price, though. Under six bucks for a brand new game with a history as rich as you can imagine? Sold. I can't complain about the flaws when I paid what I did, but had I paid full price I'd have some real issues. (For starters, how is it that the New York fantasy track has a qualifying lap time of right around 53 seconds, but I scored top lap speed of 17 seconds? I can answer. There is a bug in the system that happens when there is a yellow flag lap. It screws up the times. This has no affect on the outcome, but you do get lap records you really didn't earn.)

I've gotten other games there at decent prices. I've held out for others to go even lower only to return a day or so later and find that they are gone. (A certain soccer game for the PSP comes to mind.) That's the luck of the draw, though.

My local K-Mart, again in Eureka, also has some great deals. The place always looks like it's closing, but you can find new games super cheap, too. Not only are they cheap, but they got some hard to find titles there. So, fuck Gamestop. Target and K-Mart are the places to haunt for your gaming needs.