Monday, March 14, 2011

The Trouble With Chuzzles

If you have played Bejeweled, the creators of which happened to make Chuzzle, as well, you are already familiar with the idea.  Get three fuzzy balls of the same color in a row to pop them.  Sometimes Chuzzles get locked.  Sometimes they are bigger than normal.  Pretty basic.  Pretty easy to learn.  Pretty addictive. 

Just like all the most addictive games, this one can be picked up by anyone.  And since it's on several platforms (I played on my Windows laptop), it's available to just about everyone.

This is not the greatest game to ever be played, but I will admit that yesterday, while in the throes of stomach cramps from some weird bug or another, I played this for two hours without realizing the time had gone by.  I was actually shocked when I realized how late it was, and I blame these furry balls with eyes that resemble a crafts project I used to do at my grandmother's house as a kid.

I know the hardcore gamers are scoffing at this, but the reality is that people like these kinds of games.  Not everyone can just jump into Killzone 3 for a few minutes and feel like they are getting the hang of it.  Casual gamers like something they can play while waiting for the bus or a pap smear.  You can't do that with just any game.

Chuzzle, which sounds kind of obscene, is not a game I will play every day or even every month, but when I have some down time, I will be picking it up.  I just hope I don't lose two hours every time I do it, or that could start to be some sort of total time drain.

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