Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I finally broke down and bought my daughter a Wii, which I will, of course, also use.  I must admit I was hesitant to purchase it, as the name threw me off, and I couldn't see how the control use could be fun.

I was wrong on the latter, though the former still bugs me.  Not only do the Wii remotes work well, they are also fairly intuitive, though the only two games I have used them on so far are Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, both of which my daughter kicks my ass on regularly.

Using the remote to make Miis (something my daughter is very into) or surfing through Wii channels or the web, also gets no complaints from me, though I wish typing were easier.  (You can buy a keyboard for that.)  I'll soon be streaming Netflix films through it, too, which from everything I've heard also goes smoothly.

We've logged in a lot of hours already, and I suspect plenty more are to come.  In all, it was an expensive investment, and I'm not sure the available Wii games are up to par (though I am curious as to what can be downloaded), but the sheer entertainment of what little we have played so far makes it money well spent.


  1. We have a few Wii games you can borrow. You've heard it before, but rent before you buy...it seems like a lot of games just don't work well as Wii games.

    You'd think that wielding a light saber on the Wii could be fun? Only if you want to hurt your shoulder! Jeez!!! Sometimes I like traditional controls way better. But for the most part, we LOVE our Wii.

    Streaming Netflix is pretty damned cool...even though the picture is nowhere near HD.

  2. I can live without the movies looking HD, as most of what I like is weirdly out of focus anyway, and so far we are loving it. I personally think only certain types of games can work well on it, though, and will stick to the other systems for the more "hardcore" experience.

  3. I completely agree with the "rent before you buy" advice, especially with the Wii. Pretty much any game that requires me to turn my controller sideways in order to use it as a traditional controller is out for us.

    I've found that the Netflix streaming feature actually works better on the Wii than the Xbox, even though it came out on Xbox first.

    So, now all you need is a Wii fit and a way to entice your 80-year old neighbor into your house in her underwear!