Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Deals At Target

Target will often have great deals on video games for all systems. All you have to do is find that special sales rack. I won't reveal where that spot is in Eureka, California's Target, but I'm guessing a few of you already know.

Not too long ago I scored NASCAR 09, a flawed game from my initial play of it, for the low price of $5.48 new. Yeah. You read that right. I got it because I love NASCAR games. I was torn by the decision by Jeff Gordon's mug on the cover. I couldn't beat the price, though. Under six bucks for a brand new game with a history as rich as you can imagine? Sold. I can't complain about the flaws when I paid what I did, but had I paid full price I'd have some real issues. (For starters, how is it that the New York fantasy track has a qualifying lap time of right around 53 seconds, but I scored top lap speed of 17 seconds? I can answer. There is a bug in the system that happens when there is a yellow flag lap. It screws up the times. This has no affect on the outcome, but you do get lap records you really didn't earn.)

I've gotten other games there at decent prices. I've held out for others to go even lower only to return a day or so later and find that they are gone. (A certain soccer game for the PSP comes to mind.) That's the luck of the draw, though.

My local K-Mart, again in Eureka, also has some great deals. The place always looks like it's closing, but you can find new games super cheap, too. Not only are they cheap, but they got some hard to find titles there. So, fuck Gamestop. Target and K-Mart are the places to haunt for your gaming needs.

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